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Simple, Yet Powerful is setup to support your great cause using a simple to use, yet secure platform - it's really as simple as that. Use the tools we provide you to expand your visibility and bring in donations using our professional platform.
Accepting donations to your cause should be easy for those who want to donate. We make easy happen. is setup to facilitate donations to your non profit organization from anyone with a web browser and a credit card. The interface is clean and mobile friendly, ensuring that anyone can navigate the site, regardless of their technical savvy.
Easy & Secure partners with PayPal to ensure every transaction is secure and discrete, completely protecting those making the donation. And at one of the best credit card transaction rates in the industry (2.2%), you'll keep more money in the pocket of your organization.
Customized For You
We want to make it as simple as possible for others to find your page - so we give you a customized URL specific to your business and a dedicated phone number that anyone can text to receive the link to your site! We told you it's easy! Using your dedicated donation number, people can text anytime they want to make a donation, you can use it to promote events and even display donation pledges during fundraising events.
Ad Support
What's the best way to expand your fundraising effort? If you guessed through online social media, you're 100% correct! Using platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, it's easy and inexpensive to get the word out about your organization! We'll provide you the playbook on how exactly to do this and walk you through every step of the process. You'll be able to custom tailor your fundraising campaign to specific groups of people in an effort to receive donations from people otherwise unreachable.
Perfect for Fundraisers
Using your custom donations phone number, we provide a real-time view into donation pledges and display them on a screen, prompting others to join in the action and donate as well! This is a huge hit when hosting a fundraising event with a large number of people in the same room!
How To Sign Up
Interested in a presentation of how our platform works? Click here to contact us and we'll reach out to help create a custom donation site for your organization!

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